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Concussion and its link to dizziness

Concussion is a headline injury these days with increasing numbers of athletes spending time side-lined and, in some cases, forced to retire. Awareness of concussion and its causes are certainly improving, but knowledge of symptoms, prognosis and issues such as post- concussion syndrome or vestibular issues associated with concussion are very poorly understood amongst the [...]

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At Last….a Cure for Heel Pain

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), or Shockwave Therapy (SWT), is a revoluntary treatment for heel pain. It is a non-invasive, surgical procedure that sound waves to treat chronic heel pain uses. The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. If you've been experiencing persistent, nagging pain in the heel and / or along [...]

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Do You Get Dizzy?

Do you suffer from positional vertigo? Vertigo is the awful sensation of the room spinning around and may be accompanied by dizziness, imbalance and nausea. If these symptoms are brought on by a change in position such as turning over in bed, looking up, leaning forwards, bending down to pick something up etc. then you [...]

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What can Physiotherapy do for your Golf Game?

Golf is a game played by more than 55million people worldwide and in Ireland we have over 400 golf courses that are being played everyday by people of all ages and skill levels everyday. Although golf isn’t considered an “impact sport” the biomechanics and explosive nature of the golf swing can put tremendous amounts of [...]

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Are You Triathlon Fit?

In recent years Triathlons have seen an explosion in popularity. If you are one of the converts, then chances are you're in peak season trying to juggle training in all three disciplines, getting race ready and managing your recovery effectively. The variety of training involved certainly goes some way to alleviate aches and pains and [...]

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Could you have a Vestibular Disorder?

Could you have a vestibular disorder? By Margaret Hawkins on 21 January 2016 Experiencing dizziness or vertigo regularly? This could mean that you have a vestibular disorder. Margaret Hawkins talks to Cork-based physiotherapist about such disorders. Have you had bouts of vertigo in the past but are still experiencing low-grade dizziness since? Are you feeling [...]

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In recent years running has seen an explosion in popularity. It's free, it gets you outdoors and it's great for the heart and lungs. However, this is a very high impact exercise. High impact does not mean "bad", but it does mean that there needs to be an emphasis on injury prevention.  No matter what [...]

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