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Long Covid

It is normal for Covid-19 symptoms, such as fatigue or shortness of breath, to last for up to four weeks after becoming unwell. However some people will develop new symptoms later, or else symptoms will persist far beyond that. When these symptoms begin within 12 weeks, and last at least 2 months, it is called Long Covid. It is estimated that about 10 – 20 % of people who have had Covid-19, go on to experience Long Covid.

Long Covid is a post-viral condition. When symptom appear they may be constant, or they may appear in waves or cycles. There may be over 200 symptoms associated with Long Covid. Some of the most common are listed below.

What are the symptoms of Long Covid?

• Fatigue

• Shortness of breath

• Chest pain or tightness

• Dizziness/Vertigo

• Joint/muscle pain

• Problems with memory and concentration (“brain fog”)

• Persistent cough

• Difficulty sleeping

• Heart palpitations

• Depression and anxiety

Long Covid Fatigue

How can physiotherapy help?

Depending on your symptoms our Chartered Physiotherapists can help by:

• Working with you to understand your symptoms and how to manage them.

• Goal setting

• Fatigue and activity management

• Breathing and airway clearance exercises

• Heart rate monitoring

• Tailored exercise programs

• Supervising safe and gradual return to activities

• Recommending safe activity and wellness guidelines for you to follow

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Long Covid fatigue is very different from feeling tired. It’s tempting to push yourself to do more but overexertion can harm your recovery.