In the past 3 years a lot of us have been forced to work from home and then your set up from home may have been working from the kitchen table.

Which in turn ends up with giving you neck pain.

Sitting all day working from home can put strain on our muscles and joints.

Therefore cause aching and discomfort in our shoulders and neck.

To help prevent this posture is very important when sitting and working.

neck pain


Sit back in the chair, pushing your bum to the back of the chair, and use the back of your seat as a support.

Next get your screen at the right height, it should be at eye level.

Try to have it directly in front of you and not off to the side.

I often get people coming in with neck pain on one side which is aggravated by continuously turning to the one side to either look at another screen or answer the phone.

The seat and desk you use are also important.

Try to have a supportive chair, not just the kitchen chair and desk wise dont have it too low that you are reaching down to your keyboard or too high that your shoulders are elevated.


Seeking a Chartered Physiotherapist is helpful for neck pain because we can use manual therapy techniques, soft tissue release and postural exercises to help improve and keep away the neck pain.


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